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i promise you i am up to no good (said the skull)

we know why paul bunyan carved his blue ox. we know that lonely, mordicai & me. me being all the nothing that falls in our shadow. but you know what paul used to carve? his fucking axe. consider us armed & dangerous. "us." because... "us." there is such a thing as us! do i sound a mess? i'm not. i'm a little drunk, but mostly burning time till symon gets here. i was totally moping before. no surprise! but good boyfriend mojo has no time-out! only a total knob would let hallmarksville wreck things! though i guess i have to find a better sitcom cliche than flowers & chocolate, since the date is done. oh man. sure, a little lonely. i dare you to try to find a time. i've slept by myself for the past two weeks. remember what this kid was like when he had nobody who cared about him? we're two weeks back toward what we were like. to sum up the narrative? "how much is that gun, how much is that whiskey."

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