mordicai caeli (mordicai) wrote,
mordicai caeli

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of course all my efforts are still in tatters! girl falls asleep in the other room! i havn't had a real kiss in 63 million years i bet. but still a successful valentine! how can this be, ask the stunned jap audiance? well fuckers enjoy technique. we totally had a hell of a time at fuji san. like, hyper-competant staff anyone? we totally were talking like we were a couple! then the liquor store was closed but of course i was allowed in! i'm like a duke of brooklyn. wine, wonderfalls. & i guess symon will be here in like 1:30 minutes or something! woah, all these dominoes lined up! topple, topple & fall! shit shit shit. i feel like total crap, like i've gone bobbing for apples in the styx. nevernomind. i am drunk drama hagslut. so screw mordicai!

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