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listen: my dnd character died. & his body was mummified & turned into an epic level monster & the roving gangs of liches in the forgotten city took all his stuff. fuck! i hate dying. i didn't have much of a choice though; martak's off the cuff monster was a cr 25, & it was the lowly psion & the cleric on their lonesome against it. ah the things we do for greed! or well, we were trying to raise 20 million gp so we could invest in the god-killer golem our friend is making; see, the evil pharoah owns 10 million worth of shares in it! we just want in on the voting board (that i invented)! fuck. anyhow, i'm true ressed now, all itemless & everything. not such a demolishing blow, really; mostly my items were way under-value for my level, since i save my gp to invest in, you know, god-stuff. anyhow my re-thinking of the classes continues. i sort of hate what it is doing to my brain. some of the graft i am happy too prune, but some things i am struggling with. kingtycoon's monster classes don't help either! they are pretty well considered. i keep trying to tell myself that simplified rules will mean more players paying attention to story elements. the evil conjurer won't be just another wizard specializing in the conjuration school! no! he'll be a spellcaster with weird feats (ruleswise) but more importantly, his motives & methods come into question. like with fighters. a soldier who protects the princess with his life but is conflicted by his duty to defend the city walls from the impending invasion? numerically identical to the foul bandit who has sworn fealty to the dark gods in exchange for the ability to slaughter all those who oppose his quest for power. right? they could even have the exact same feats! see; stop caring about classes! also, the wizard who retreats into the hermitage of the forest only to learn the wisdom of the witch who studied 1000 years ago with the druids who built the now-ancient menhirs? or the warlock who knelt at the altar of the dark god chernabog & learned his dread secrets? why should they be penalized for that by taking levels in druid or cleric? in having to, in any real consideration, loose effectiveness?

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