mordicai caeli (mordicai) wrote,
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i feel like a mundane chronicaling of my life isn't so bad right now. like- last night, after i came home from work, i ate some left-over pasta, then waited for my girlfriend to come home. then we were about to start watching sky captain & the world of tommorow until i got called by fmf; jenny got out of her pajamas & into some clothes & we watched wonderfalls instead. we drank a bunch of wine! or well, fmf didn't even finish his, but he was drinking whiskey before. um; okay? i guess that is a pretty adequate summation of things. this morning i went out & got jenny a chicken sandwich from jfk chicken (also a spinach roll) & then woah! i remembered to get her flowers & candy because when i get home from dnd the florists will be closed. haha ! i'm totally distracted by watching wonderfalls right now.

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