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fuck it.

it was ashy! it was a chimney sweep! it had a little broom! there are such things are grey chickens! it wasn't a pigeon! it was a chicken, a famous grey chicken! it had a little broooom! it came out of the chimney! i saw it! auntie mordicai only its street chicken! street chickens with little brooms! i shook it's hand for good luck! it wasn't a pigeon it wasn't. also; my rapper name is "cracker" not because i'm white, it is because i'll taser anybody, i don't even care. have a little juice! crack-crack-crack goes my taser! back in riker's i tasered, 6, 7 guys. i was a C.O., bitch. aww, man, it it just me & dantelong who wanna get tasered, or does, like, everyone secretly want to be? remember that guy george i knew? he was a prison guard, he totally was tasered & tear gassed & maced & shot with a bean bag. i've only ever had tear gas at a riot, & i was way far away, anyhow.

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