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toadaly awesome.

today i met debs in the city around 3:50 (#;%)) & we took a walk through central park. the gates were up, but not unfurled; very the villiage in nature i think. but then, stuff has been weighing on me. like races in my dnd game, & most importantly, the classes. i am considering radical change (since the computer is no help to me. arise lazarus!) in the vein of encouraging multi-classing. the three "generic" classes in unearthed arcana are okay as far as they go, but there certainly needs to be more. like, the "survivor" who gets maybe a d12 hit die & all good saves? i don't know, thoughts & thoughts. so debs & i walked around discussing bridge trolls & whether the bunyip is extinct. following arcane directions- under the child's play arch & make a left at the carosel. eventually we left & ate at a mid-town pizza place; ray bari pizza, which i have been too (on the night that we went to see la boheme & jenny & i shared my glasses, a lens each). eating was a mistake, a terrible mistake; i have been in misery ever since. when i came home (potted tulips are de rigeur now, candy was truffles- you know, you need a pig to find truffles!) jenny & i watched the dreamers, which i was taken in by. the sister makes all the right choices (except that foolishness toward the end with the hose) & the final bit wasn't chump-house melo-tragic. i do like nebulous relationships (or, also like having a girlfriend a whole lot, too; that has no bearing other than...well:) & then after that jenny asked if i wanted to have sex! things can't be all that bad in wonderland when i can have sex without a condom, right? zippity-do-da! a bit pretty woman but the slow return of intimacy is, well, slow, but still! i welcomed the glaciars when they came & i can welcome this as well. so for a day off work, i can't say it was too shabby. also, the spiderwick chronicles box-set? if you take out all the books, the backing has a little faerie on it (thimbletack, a brownie) saying "crick-crack, watch your back!" i like hidden surprises (only, i mostly hate surprises).

Poll #436165 did you know you can totally split a banana into three parts with just your one finger? did you know that? it is a kind of magic. a crazy, biological kind of magic. i think a druid invented it. or maybe i guess hawaiians? they are pretty magical.

you just rip off the top & then make a divot & then stick your finger down it!

no (i am mordicai)
no (i am french)
no (i have a twin)
no (other)

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