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actually, we're killing you right now.

promise me you can hear the breath of this black fucking rose. assure me! it takes in your fucking carbon dioxide & spits out oxygen so you can breathe. you fucking cut yourself on its thorn, cut yourself to ribbons & remember what this fucking rose is for! this fucking flower, this angiosperm. love it like a simile, like it means all kinds of things it isn't. like you can shed your skin & show the scales beneath. ascend into the highest atmosphere, i will. clambor & stumble unto the gates of heaven. you want to hear me make like finglofin? i'll clash the hilt of my pistol against those pearl gates until the enemy comes forth. i'll wound him seven times seven times & lay him low with my foot across his throat. my road is paved with bad intentions & everything. i know what i'm doing. i'm a fucking professional. i'm incurable. come with me all you get of loki! we bring the endtimes with us. what is in our pockets? string or nothing! you fucking fucks! i'm fucking invincible! look at you your hunchbacked little fucker! yeah you, typing on the computer! haha fuck you james! i'm your fucking boss & you'll do what i say! also, your girlfriend is totally in love with you so shut your fucking mouth! you little sniveler! put on some fucking music or something! you believe you me, only one of us is getting out of this gaol! or well, i guess since you are entirely a make-believe, it probably doesn't bother you. actually, we're killing you right now! your heartbeat is the sound of an angel's wings flapping, those dark night gaunts! o sour eons, where mordicai must be imprisoned upon the earth.

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