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for if you prick me, i don't fucking bleed.

"more importantly, what i hate is the very fact of life," said the boy's conscience. "a girl today told me she loved me & all it was all i could do to keep myself from breaking in her face with a pipe. tearing apart her heart ventricle by ventricle. i grit my teeth & told her to keep her fucking cooties the hell away from me."

his tongue spoke up. "fuck me! this is some bitter fucking tea! fucking almond sure, but for christsake, is there cyanide in this? is this shit even fucking legal? i mean it!" it rolled over against his teeth in a sulk, caressing the row upon row of incisors with barely perceptible muscle contractions. "why oh why! wail & moan. let me loose, boy, to hurl my blasphemies against the heavens!"

built together rook by knight, humpty-dumpty, the boy dusted himself off. "well that wasn't very nice now was it? nasty little japs. well, i'll have to straighten you out myself, won't i? you yellow woggy bastards. run an airplane right into your pal gil. yes, we will have to get this all sorted out, won't we? come ruin & hellfire, we've work to be done!" & ruin & hellfire came with him.

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