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so hey mordicai. just so you know, the roasted corn turns into a better left over than the spinach & hominy. which is to say, when you get the outrageous california with rachael special from la taqueria like jenny showed you how to do? get it with chicken & corn next time. & be a fucking dick about no pico de gallo! man that is basically spanish for "food mordicai hates!" it is all onions & diced tomatoes & shit. i totally ordered it without, but there was a snafu & gross! yuck. i seem to have an awful lot to say about burittos for a guy who hates food, who hates eating. yet i can't say as they fall under the magical umbrella of foods i don't hate (hijiki tofu, ripper's macaroni & guiness & cheese, sushi of most stripes). but i mean, right? chipotle exsists, & fuck me if i'll assay against it. i don't know, i really don't. maybe there is some nexus into which all burritos fall. a phantom zone. whatever. i am taking the day off work. i will sit around the apartment, maybe read, maybe fuck around on the internet, maybe even leave the apartment! who can say! i'm a creature of infinite mystery. gosh. golly. in a perfect world, right now? i'd take a shower & at eleven i'd go to the shooting range & burn a couple of clips through my handgun. i really feel like some target practice. that would really be awesome.

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