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herod the great is sweet.

i always feel like a sonofabitch is supposed to have an opinion. like, arn't they they same as bullets for the big irons on our hips? feeling the threading of the round as it slides in the chamber. but fuck all that. you know what? i'll stick with this reckless hate. go on, give me a solution. i bet i can solve it with unmitigated hate. except this thing with my girlfriend. though i guess i can hopefully solve that with being fantastic. luckily, being 110% awesome is one of my powers. it is written right there on my character sheet. i mean, maybe i didn't work out for dan rydell but fuck him! i'm a million times better than him, & jenny is a million trillion times better than steve cisco's wife. you want to call my poker hand? raise. raise. raise. all in. fuck you. this is my fucking winning hand. ain't nohow i'm going to fold it. fucking look like a chimp? sure maybe. but see the skull beneath the flesh. i'm lonely as hell, as lonely as fuck all, but who is going to cure it besides the girl a'causing it? she's been my lullabye against the dirge of the fallen. she kisses me, moves her body above me like a tombstone, below me like a flicker of flame. she is the one who makes the world worth living, as it were. so i'll throw my punches. i'm in the game till the final out. not that i think we're even into the seventh inning streach. that is the great thing. when i set my self-indulgent abandonment issues aside? it is still just a snag in something beautiful. a problem at this stage? is a problem to solve, not to abandon things over. um, there are totally ufos outside. i am pretty sure i'm not hallucinating. so, see you later. oh also, that part where ahab makes a harpoon out of those guys blood? so awesome.

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