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the meat grinder.

you know i can feel their passing. it isn't so much that it deforms the world like a deeper gravity well, the deeping well, but more like silent serpents gliding by submerged in dark water. i mean i lie in bed & i can feel their passing. shivers like the displacement of vast quantities of water. see the thing is we're drowning; the shoguns of heaven held under the water till our lungs fill with vast quantities of water. vampires can't cross running water? same thing. we keep coming up for air & striking the ice. it is so cold here in antartica, sluggish are our limbs, our tentacles which flex & constrict. the hooks of our mouths gnash against each other, languishing on a lonely bed. the safety of darkness marred by the perils of singularity, or the strange charm of truth & beauty. by the ruin of the hive, the hexes broken, o ruin, o distopia. i defy you with my smuggled mouthful of royal jelly. kiss me & taste of my war, of the shattered city of the angels.

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