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i bought you this comb for your long tresses/this chain for your precious pocketwatch.

so going through jenny's purse to find money to go buy wine, i saw my valentine's day presents: kill bill volume 2 & the wonderfalls dvds. which of course prompted me to give her gift to her, all nicely wrapped. the wonderfalls dvds. i was so pleased with myself! she was going to be so pleasently startled to see that i'd gotten her that, from that television show she'd totally forgotten about! but alas, it was not to be, though the moment of realization that we bought the same thing was totally worth it. then we finished up ray (which i even liked a little, despite every premonition telling me i'd hate it) & watched kill bill. man what a totally sweet movie. but then on the down side. the bed is basically the loneliest place to be. & all i have to be alone with is myself.

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