mordicai caeli (mordicai) wrote,
mordicai caeli

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flatbush: where sewers go to die.

mouthful of marbles or something. headful of sawdust, heartful of leeches. gutful of h.r. geiger babies, you know? soulful of lovecraftian mythology. slow day at work today. finished up a kill. basically scraped myself over the coals. have started reading the spiderwick books. looked at old comic books i'm sending back to the publisher. drab dull dreadful, simply dreadful. something in yellow & black watercolours, all washed out. maybe a dose of green in there, green for violence, green for hunger. i'm still mordicai after all. still the yawning chasm that awaits all the universe, & god too. clap your hands with me! it will be a sweet cult sort of thing. there will be kool-aide served afterwords.

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