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buried amidst the roots of the weeping willow.

jangle of spurs, motherfuckers. pace out onto the street as usual per a tuesday; mordicai versus the whole fucking universe. well i'll say it, i flinched first. i threw up. tossed my cookies. hello cruel world. but then i get the fingers all a-spider over the hilts of my guns, back where they belong. so here we are at our stand-off as usual. you like the glint off my crooked teeth? the shade of my shadow upon the hungry urth? well screw you pal. i'm taking my toys & i'm going home. cracker jack crown, wooden sword & cork gun & everything. scoundral ahoy! i'll defang this rat trap, you'll see. there won't even be ashes for the monkeys to play mad max in. i have a blueprint of the deathstar & i'm not afraid to use it! you should see the kind of nastiness i can get up to! oh you'll see.

in other news, if i could write any monthly comic it would be "superman's girlfriend, lois lane."

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