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blah blah blah blah.
1) lonely
2) laundry
3) robo rally
4) futurama
5) 2 polish beers
6) mazes & mordicai
7) florists all closed
8) lonely!

how is that, a nice summation? it looks list like, i want it to be list like rather than a litany of desperation. because sure it hurts. if there is one thing that stabs, that slices, it is indiffrence. so having the most important girl in the world be totally blase about you? not exactly what you'd call my favorite. but maybe you didn't notice me scurrying to a fox hole? 's because i ain't. i'll take what licks i've got coming. a few firing squads didn't stop me in south america. heck, i'll be the relationship rasputin. i'll sleep alone at the bottom of a river bed if that is what this takes. maybe her cold shoulder really is more related to her than it is to events. okay, whatever. she is still the greatest of girls. she is something worth aspiring too. so read away at your dave eggars book, i dare you! you are in love with me i know it. ha so there! turn my bitter heart to chum with your quisinart diffidence! i don't mind! i've got another heart hidden in my abdomen. i'm your boyfriend nyah nyah nyah. ha! my reckless good mood saves the day! how is THAT for villiany! i'll lay all our troubles, tied up, across the rail tracks. mu hah hah! man i mean, it sure hurts, this lonely part, but i've been lonesome, you know? it isn't like i havn't. i've had practice. it is like a special kind of card game. a special kind. one where you get cold & hollow. like the empty chambers of a pistol. lets make like russians & play at roulette.
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