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the pins through the ankles! fuck. when you go to work you are supposed to say "goodbye," right? that is how it works, that is the secret code for "we are just fighting, it is not the end of the world." at least, i thought that. then again, jenny was pretty mad at me yesterday...because she had a dream where i was a jerk to her. it sounds like i'm joking! anyhow, i know it isn't the end of the world; she's the kind of girl who doesn't say goodbye when she's pissed. kvetch, kvetch. also, carla is apparantly mad a me. well guess what carla. you don't want to get into this fight. let me tell you right now; i win. i win versus any argument you could make. i get that you are going to do the total deny tactic? but trust me, i know better. you wanna play possum? tha's cool. i don't mind. but just believe me when i say i've got your number. i won't go dresden on your life, but the point is, i could. that is right; using a secret jenny told me. see how elegant i am? i'll make like a sculture & do exactly the thing you are saying isn't a big deal. well, no. i won't do it. that is the thing. i'll put my four aces on the table face up. just trust me when i say i win, car. there isn't a line you can draw in the sand. you want to say i told you i was more loyal to david than you, the i told you that? hell, maybe those words came out of my mouth. but you should know better than to take them out of context. the issue is the line that has been crossed, nothing else. fuck this chronical. chronicle. that. i have to go to work, i don't have time for hand-crafted melodrama.

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