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morgoth pursued them with hatred; & he sent his messengers over the mountain.

i hate when you click on a link on a "boy" website (like badassmofo in this instance) & they take you to a pornography website. man, that wasn't what i was in the middle of, & now i'm lost in pop-up city, population x-10 & trannie surprise! there is even this little animated .gif of some guy getting a blow-job! the hell. anyhow, i guess it isn't the worst irritation. it isn't, for instance, like getting a pumpkin bomb in the face! fuck you spider man! see, that is the thing! isn't the green goblin basically joker? only, weirder, & with grenades? i don't know what dc character i'd be (probably some kind of spectre villian i think), but in marvelverse i'd totally want to be the goblin king, be some osborne family mutant or something like that. man i'm scattered this morning. it isn't that i feel bad! in fact i felt pretty friendly when i woke up, all "come to brooklyn, the secret capitol of the world!" n' shit. i didn't even have nightmares last night, i'm pretty sure. look at the even keel of my brain! also, is it just me or is gwyneth paltrow the girl most like a mermaid ever? i don't get people & their grudge against actors, most of the time. do people hate gwynth paltrow maybe? she's kind of famous. she's skinny & blonde, i know people hate that. mostly i just like skinny girls. or actually i mostly don't like girls or boys.
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