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my stupid earing is always falling out when i sleep. i have the cartilage of my upper left (i'm no cocksucker!) ear pierced. i have since about fifteen minutes before i met jenny. anyhow, due to my rough & tumble lifestyle, i'm always loosing the little ball, then eventually loosing the whole ring. the first time this happened, former internet personality mackay gave me a new piece of jewelry, which streatched the gauge out to what, 16 i think? that was one of the "u"-shaped things with the screw on balls, but i eventually lost that too! then cortney gave me her old nose ring to use, but when i went in for surgery on my face, the doctors had to take it off; it was a whole ordeal, because apparently only the one young asian doctor was actually capable of understanding that they didn't need to use heavy duty wire cutters to get it off. jenny put the bits in her wallet, but again, somehow the ball was lost. eventually, i think after the night that i fought peter & christopher, i lost the hoop part again! fuck. so i went to the piercing place near where i live & got another earing & even paid her to put it in; then i went for a walk through prospect park. i know where the heart of prospect park is, you know; i even have some mojo locked up there in case i ever need to, i dunno, kill a wizard or a heroine or something there. somehow again i lost the ball to the earing, natch, so now every third night or so i have to go scramble through the sheets trying to find the ring. also, no one is brave enough to just take a pair of pliers for me & squeeze it shut, & my isotopic perception is for shit.

ps. jenny got so drunk she passed out on the couch last night!
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