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man i was going to make this post about how watership down is some seriously great noveling, but now i'm all twisted up. i don't know; drunken annoyance can somehow seem like a big deal when you are just as drunk. i'm just frustrated & whatever. & now i'm done. tonight after word we scoped out a place i'd seen with "bar" in the titled. the end result being? that $6 is too much for basicially anything in brooklyn. whores are cheaper than that! anyhow, i was a little bit miffed a second ago, but that was 100 years ago. there is too much tension over a singular computer- i can't wait till we are bank enough to get my mine. dumb stupid stuff. okay! so listen, these rabbits! fuck. lemme just give them another thumbs up. what the hell. the lady at the liquor store opened up after she was closed to take my order. i am the crown prince of brooklyn. anyhow! back to the merry shit! beri-beri!

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