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few among your kind are aware that you are not alone. despite all the clear evidence otherwise. you kill gorillas for the same reason you wiped out the other hominids. like must kill like- this is the way of tribes; indeeds, if the hive of heaven were to clash against another hive (o heaven's hive!) there would be black blood spilt. do thee fair by thy species, fools, & stand united against the wheels of fire. but you will not; in fact, even i quake. the mood passes over me like chills across a grave. you are not alone, mankind, for at the very least i walk amongst you, like a clownfish amongst the anemonie. for fuck's sake. i shuttle between two worlds on the ferry boat; but i am of only one. a swath of abandonment may mar my face, my soul & self, but so be it. i am babbling. the fuck if i care. the sussurus (is there any name better for this phantasmagory?) is awash within me. fee fie fo fum! clash & rattle sword & shield! aye, brimstone too. the fuck you say, gentlemen! indeedd, the fuck you say. tonight my thoughts travel to spheres & realms. places we trod before your kind was awake. i tell you over: this is a lie made flesh! fucking smoke & mirrors, traps & tricks. bullshit, total bullshit. the swath, the school of coloured fishes. i am here tonight torn between my jolly mood & the misgivings of my heart. indeed- by nature i am all smiles. life is a cabaret ole chum! but the cancer of my chest sings another song, that tumor called my heart. in the end there is no real grim to back my mood. i have a jenny, a bastion, a jewel worth fighting for, a sword as sharp as my own self. i have an olive, who proves that there are soldiers willing to fight the battle. there are other's of course; most escribe to their own mythologies. aw hell. step up to the plate i say. there is good, there is evil, there is m. pick a fucking side.

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