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i really like joaquin phoenix's character in the village, right? i just think he's great at portraying a paladin; he's fearless, right? not in a "i am a retard who can't retreat from a fight," or anything; in fact, nothing like that. he runs away, right? but he isn't afraid, he just acts prudently. on top of that he just seems so genuinely good. i was in the middle of telling jenny that lucius hunt was one of the only sympathetic good guys in film in recent memory, when she said of course! that he was some huge sociopathic weirdo. is that true? what ever. he still is a great paladin i figure. of course, i'm just about the only guy who likes this movie. jenny made the point that the REAL twist of the film is that ivy is the main character, not lucius. anybody faulting it on the whole "scooby doo" twist or anything kind of misses the point. i feel like fuckers won't forgive m. night shyamalan for tricking them in the sixth sense. i mean- it is all about the suspense, isn't it? o, speaking of clever things jenny said & horror films? i've been trying to simmer american horror to some crude form, discarding the dross. largely based on the idea that japanese horror is all based on something ill-dignified happening & then everyone dying of anxiety. the american corellary escapes me. early zombie movies are race allegory, right? & then there are the gender issues in the 80's & 90's. but jenny theorized that the big thing about american horror is the violation of the home, of the house. the serial killer is upstairs, the zombies are trying the break in, the spiders are infesting the place, i am hiding under your car with a butcher's knife, ad naseum.

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