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the great thing about last night is how jenny has already ret-conned the events of the evening, just like nino & i predicted the girls would. somehow we boys gave up at the critical moment of lifting the couch & it was only through the inguenity of the girls that things worked out! that isn't how it went down! not to say the girls didn't know their thing, not to say they didn't cut the mustard, but they hardly stole the show! if anything, me getting pushed into a snowpile while i was walking backwards carrying the couch was the scene stealing number. anyhow, maybe we had to remove the frame with a power drill, but dammit we got the couch in, further reinforcing my opinion that any piece of furniture can eventually be gotten into any apartment (dirk gently notwithstanding.) afterwords, kira & nino took us out to eat at bellville, which is some joint on 5th avenue. lots of french fries (a ploy enacted by the girls), a shared meat platter thing & parisian salad, then i had the cheese fondue (fondue du fromage as the special french are wont to say).

fondue clearly the winning hand, clearly fucking aces. only the most ridiculous thing i could invent. we were awfully exuberantly talking about hand jobs & blow jobs, which is why i think the owner/manager gave us more fries (pomme frits), as it was something to put in our trough-like mouths to shut us up. rankings (& the whyfores): 1. mordicai (ordered fondue), 2. kira (scammed double french fries) 3. nino (ordered the wine) 4. jenny (nothing! she was #2 for a promised blow job, but after not delivering, was de-moted). after dinner we tipped the coat check lady (!) & went to loki to get a drink. all in all a very "park slope" evening. not that it was anything less than fun, though i think kira & nino maybe need less to drink to make it over that hump of inebriation. but now they bought an apartment near us, so we'll be seeing them even more, i guess. which is fine with me, fine & jim dandy.

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