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i mean, david made the piss-smelling bum (who happens to be seventh day adventist) persona non grata today, which was exciting, since i got to yell at him a little bit too. "go! you're done! go! go!" & all that, though david's "if you come with the lord, you can come in, but if you don't have jesus with you, i don't want to see you." but how exciting can work be? the answer my friend is blowing in the wind, & if you ask that fickle zephyr it'll tell you- not very. customers come in, act like moon-faced retards, customers go out, repeat. sometimes we drink some of david's whiskey. there arn't a whole lot of poignant moments; mostly there is just a nebulae of exsistance that we're all in, like electrons in a cloud. the probability of us helping a given customer is really what it boils down to. that, & our colour. i'm "strange." hell, i'm charming as hell too, but i sure as fuck ain't truth or beauty. i'm as ugly as wheels within wheels, or a flaming sword set at the gates. 'least that's what this gnome inside my hollow chest says, this imp upon my shoulders, this wil-o-wisp that burns like a gloomy candle within my skull.

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