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i place every bit of blame at the feet of catwoman. things were going so well! dodgeball was hillarious, we were a-cuddle, the wine was flowing like milk & honey (or vice-versa?) but we figured catwoman was going to be so bad that we'd have to see it. that it would be worth watching just so we could mock it. well it isn't. i got antsy, whined about jenny hogging the computer, jenny snapped & decided to get mean, i said i didn't want to watch catwoman anymore, jenny said if i didn't want to then fine, i could go to bed. & i did. sure, it was a totally unreasonable fight. how was it even a fight! jenny didn't even remember why she was supposed to remember to be mad at me! so science demands an answer. my hypothesis is that catwoman wrecks everything. i am looking for evidence. videlecet, &c. i don't imagine it should be difficult to come by. i mean, fuck, it was really really terrible. but once i went to sleep i had dreams of rainforests & small arms combat. its nice to be stuck in the amazon with only a pistol & the cape on your back. really swell.

now it is the morning. the sun has risen on another acursed day. all the mega-gyrascopes have failed to stop the earth's rotation, all the neutron implosion devices have not yet blotted out the sun. o slow your nuclear fire, sol, & slumber, so the my children can crawl out upon the surface of the world & bring the end nigh. stupid, stupid earth creatures! ho-hum. prick your finger on a spindle, why don't you, wicked things of the earth. at least then i could awaken you with a kiss. but no, you have to have your stars just so, just perfectly aligned, don't you? cry baby of cthuhlu is more like it, sissy! sleep all you want & let these nancy drews & hardy boys scours your name from the book. thats fine, see if i care! i'll kill them all myself, one at a time!

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