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the sudden rush of pollen, of hemlock & oleander.

how sweet is darth vader? his "powers" are basically the ability to choke people, with his hands or without them. & get this shit: darth vader can kill people over the internet. serious. he calls up all his dudes on his viewscreen & the next thing you know, they get the squeeze. if you ever get an instant message from darth vader, be wary of accepting, because a nigger might just start a'throttlin'. if you do answer, i suggest a reply along the lines of "what is thy bidding my master?" or some such shit, because dude is a fucking dark lord of the sith, not some fourteen year old pimple faced paper boy. dude is not spending his time smoking weed & playing the bongos. this is some serious professional. man has no time for trifles, he's got battlestations & stuff to worry about.

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