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quick recap for posterity.

so jenny came home yesterday morning, i bought her some sport-milk-shake thing for a liquid breakfast, & then she fell asleep. i got my stuff together & came into work. me & peter are the boss of work, while fmf is away a-funeraling. yesterday we managed pretty well; got four kills done, the floors mopped, et cetra. no luck with my mission, trying to fix the telecheck machine, but poo-tweet-tweet. today though there isn't even any action to invent to keep the kids occupied. well, at least i won at scrabble, after a rack full of vowels. ian is due at three to drop off about eighty boxes of books. that should keep idle hands busy. hey, i bought candy from marsha for her sister's fundraiser thing. that happened too.

swag from jenny's trip (in order of importance):
jenny, 14" g4, mix cd from jenny, return of the kind extended dvd, the house of yes dvd.

last night was white wine, the gilmore girls, the house of yes, & then to bed. which leaves out the sex, which isn't hardly the sort of thing that can be left out. the first time was with a lot of kissing. the second time was on the futon, & with logs of lower limbs kinked into diffrent positions. its nice to have a girlfriend again. she take me to bed & tells me its better to go to sleep than stay up all night drinking wine & she's even right about it (this one time).

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