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possessing hatred without sentience.

a quart is a pretty meaningless unit of measurement anymore. fucking what? there are like, four in a gallon or something? fuck if i'm going to bother learning old-fashioned english measurement standards. but i'll tell you one thing for sure. a quart of wonton soup is a fucking load of wonton fucking soup. i ate-drank it after i went outside to shovel some snow! no joke! i havn't shoveled snow since ohio, fuck, since mentor. even then, i mostly stopped doing it when i was pretty little. i tried to get all the snow under the driverside door of this car parked out side. here's a nice steaming cup of malice for you, bub! fucking, chump! so here i am at work. dante came in today, taking me completely by surprise. so i've got him shelving some of the texts, the usual text rush stuff, while i sit here on my throne. hail the mighty dead! or me, mostly. hail to the king, baby.

fmf made his dazzling fucking macaroni-&-guiness last night, at my urging. he also made some tasty fucking lamb, but really, most other foods are eclipsed. it goes on the list of things i actually enjoy eating, making the list a) hijiki-tofu, b) most kinds of sushi, c) macaroni-&-guiness. wait a minute, ha ha ha, the daughter of the guy i just piled snow around? or his automobile, anyway? she just came in looking to get hired, & was a total mouth-breather. talked like she was underwater. & a retard. an aqautic retard just came in here looking to get hired, ah-ha!

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