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the lurking god.

well it slithered up the hallway stairs & right down her throat. she let loose a little gasp as it entered into her, as the angel of god came upon mary, & she sank to the floor. she sank to the floor like a coffin sinks into six feet of dirt & earthworms. started trembling & quaking. what is this, her first fucking blizzard? like we've never been torn apart by a million miles of real estate. hell, arizona is basically a lost continent, she sank to the floor like atlantis sinking below the waves. sitting in the hallowed grove, slithering like a serpent up a tree to whisper honey lies into her ear. i'll have her fall, i'll have her sink, slink like stockings & garters, stars & gardens i mean. start moving in her sleep, tongue on my lips, her body pressed into mine like she invented sin. her heart around my firey sword, soft as gently bitten fruit. the hollows of her, the calculus of her. cry mercy, cry havoc, cry all you fucking want. she is mine, said the circus-king, center ring.

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