mordicai caeli (mordicai) wrote,
mordicai caeli

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it is a lucky god-damn thing that i drank enough last night. let me fucking tell you. one drink either way, & i'd be a wreck. too much drinking makes....wait, no such thing. but i mean! no girlfriend till tuesday morning? what am i, iron man joe stalin? what about the lifestyle to which i've grown accustomed? who will watch my back? who will drive the getaway car? it is a red car, for crying out loud! fucking blizzard. i don't even think it'll happen. its a ruse, a ploy, you knameen? fucking hell. what am i supposed to do with myself tonight? i'm unwashed! the statue of liberty says something about me! i'm a huddled masses! this is so dumb. i feel dumb, somehow. is it my fault? i guess so. you know you're right. i mean, this is some jiggly puff fucking static. dumb mordicai why do you make it always winter never christmas?

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