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b) pappy is not one much for fucking conversational cant, or recollection.

so my fucking jenny is going to be stranded in arizona till tuesday now because of this blizard! no joke! that is a century of fucking lonely. i mean, a week was bad enough, i've done bad enough with a week. a stupid week. a week is too long! ignore me, wait! i mean, i'm hardcore & shit, i don't even care. bachelor life et cetera. banging chicks, smokin' weed. man fucking another two days would be just about to wreck me. at least it will be busy at the store, what with having to boss around seasonal staff or whatever. but i don't fucking care about any of that shit! what is to become of me without my darling? okay, in honesty it isn't the end of the world. thats fair. but david & i have drank enough rum & cider to make it seem valid. also, we watched the thing. 81!? thats so early! i had to revise all my science opinions.

i guess i'm planning on sleeping here tonight? because fucking going back home on top of dealing with 12"-18" snowstorms.

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