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riding shotgun on the fordmadoxfraud express, out here in the king's plaza zone. isn't cider & rum "grog" or something? we're heedless of your pirate conclusions! we are not "pirates!" we are privateers, with due license from her majesties court. or what's that? her majesty is a hapless mortal with no pretensions otherwise? how is she to stand with divine augustus come the last trump? what sort of horse-apples is this? we're captainless! i cast my lot in with the black sun, the mouth of anihilation! i think myrmidions & termagants are exotic bugs of some kind! pappy here thinks they are "some kind of creature, i suppose." we're all up in your grill like a dentist with a drill! you know just what i'm talking about, don't you? oh i think you do. i also think you know i'm gonna call the subway the "under-rail" from now on. or you know, gillick will. don't you think i've forgotten about gillick just because my computer's gone the way of monstro, swallowed him whole then gone belly up. he'll be a jonah, a never-go, vomited forth for ruin & prophecy. nineva is a hive of myrmidions & termagants, o woe! repent your ways or mordicai will come here, as he came to sodom, as he came to egypt, as he came to thai-land! he moved upon the face of the waters in the darkness you betcha! thanks gillick, you're a good little baptist, a good little also ran, also inspired, also inspidered. thank ya kindly, if it do ya.

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