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some lovecraftian jiggaboo.

what a crock of shit. my girlfriend goes out of town for a week, absconding with the computer, & my fucking flesh-sack is already punking out on me? listen james, you sincere fucker. you will be treated like shit, & you will like it. if you are good, if you behave, i will get you another gym so we can hone you back into a weapon. but for now i expect you to restrict your vomiting to sanctioned occasions only, you fucking got me? you got your shit in order? when i say "drink monster," i mean both drink brooklyn brewery's seasonal monster beer (11%) as well as drink, monster! i'm the president of that shit. no more of these lonesome gollum days off work, you fucking understand? okay. now we can be friends again. say, would you hold this cannon ball for me for a minute? i've got to load this philosophik brimstone into this here cannon. its a type of karate. or well, not so much empty hand as "i will show you fear in a handful of dust" kind of hand. okay! i figure thats some empty lines, some scrawl. a few ververs to call up old man legba, who is known to me as YOG SHOTHOTH. man knows doorways like hecate knows crossroads, like baudelaire knows his way around a corset's laces. like mordicai knows his way around the end of the world.

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