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Phone Post:

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“[noticeably alcohol slur]
So I guess...uhmm...judging by the television I've watched, in my, how do you call...impaired my punch-the-face punch-the-kidneys punch-the-everything...state. That...high school's important? This is, eh, I just watch those kinds of movies where they care who you were in high school, 'cause what in high school...who I was? I hurt you. Uh, [cheerily] <i>especially girls</i>, I mostly hurt girls. Ah, it's not so much my discriminatory is easily spent on girls. Um... Maybe I hate...maybe I hurt some girls, maybe some girls got out unscathed, maybe some girls... I don't know, like I'm... [pause] I'm not...una--, like unabashedly proud of my self. Uhhhh... For instance, I started dating Jenny and I didn't tell her for two years that I was in love with her whereas... I mean, maybe I was in love with her, I just didn't know. She...I don't know...she has the win- the whole winter thing going on. Uhmm... I feel like everything's been <i>stolen</i>. It's all devilwork, devilwork, devilwork, there's noo computer here. Have I mentioned that? A thousand times? Um... I'm on the futon right now. Might as well sleep on the futon 'cause... nnnnothin' waiting for m-- Uh, like, right, seriously, in the bedroom there is the...teddy bear I bought Jenny, Sophie Ba Ba [?]. Sophie Ba Ba I bought it for Jenny 'cause...she wants...something to hug, I love her. And...she's [unintelligible]. Seriously, I'm pretty...fuckin ambiguous with the evil., I should think, with what? WITH? WHAT?”

Transcribed by: fordmadoxfraud

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