mordicai caeli (mordicai) wrote,
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Phone Post:

526K 2:27
“So, here's the thing about...television. You could turn on the TV...and...Fear Factor might be on. And they're eating fucking...ughh...fat glands, salmon. What, uh, what's the fancy word for fish semen? Aww, there's a fancy word for it, I can't remember what it is off the top of my head. But they're eating all kinds of disgusting-ass shit. [vexed] What's the fancy word for fish semen? G-- I, uh, whatever. So you, you know, you're a little bit in your cups, maybe you, maybe you've drank too much and all of a sudden you're just watching these people throw up, which is never inducive [sic] to not...being uncomfortably thinking about throwing up. Not that...I'm too much in my cups. I hung out with... Well... let's see, I left home... Well, first off... Let's start my day. My day: I wake up, I tool around the house for a while. Ummm... I order [unintelligible] from the Peruvian joint and...instead of having fucking yams on it, as it's supposed to, it has fucking onions on it, which is BULLSHIT. So I eat it anyhow, cuz...whatever. Um... But that' I said...bullshit. Snook G and I'm from the C G and don't you forget it. There's...oh that 'Save the Last Dance' was on. Uh... coochie kook [?]...I have the... close caption on, which makes television much funnier. Um... And what's her name...that chick who's in 'Ten Things I Hate About You'. She' guess you're supposed to hate her but I don't. Um... Wait... What...what was I...? Oh, okay, so then from there I had...a meet-up with Victoria and we had some lunch. And then... I met up with Andrew and we did some, well, Andrew can't drink because he just got surgery on his face, which, right, a pretty good club to be into. Um. Carla came home and we hung out for a that actually? Is that actually? I--I can't tell if what's-her-name from Ten Things I Hate About You is...actually doing these stunts I'm just curious to figure it out. Umm. [pause] Yeah, whatever. [pause] Whatever.”

Transcribed by: fordmadoxfraud

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