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take cover if you are easily startled!

seriously? i'm not kidding when i talk about the whole "& then the gingerbread house fell down" ending this faerie tale has. but right, that is where we are at. it is a contention between the book of revelations, & grimm's faerietales, & the new york post. these are the three worlds, okay? & of them i will play my hands in the grimm but my only concern is for the psycho's prophecy. metaphorically speaking! fuck, i don't actually mean anything special. i mean, john of patmos was special. nearly unique! how many people really exsist who can write when totally fucking high? i think its basically alan moore & john of patmos. its funny how metaphor, as a word, can totally loose its meaning. when you start describing something that basically has no easy corellary, for instance. fuck. one million fucking gunshots. jenny tonight was all like "i can't tell the diffrence between you genuinly freaking out & you being poetic." i assume that is pretty typical, i assume thats how this card game is played. i also assume that "poetry" is totaly bullshit. so uh, i take her statements at full value. in a little while i'll go to sleep. not in a yoda, suicide, forever rest kind of way. not in a darth vader take off my mask i want to see you way. more like a i shot greedo first way, in a weirding king way.

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