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our rifles blaze away.

started scribbling on an index card last night, trying to come up with various pantheons of comic book characters. the cross indexing is a labour- example: both batman & superman belong to the "capes" but superman (along with, for instance, wonder woman) is one of the "powers." then there is the "green" pantheon, which is easy, anything vegetable- poison ivy, black orchid, & most especially swamp thing. "robots" should probably include everything from vision to cyborg & deathlocke to even iron man, i think. "totems" is killer easy- its basically gotham city, plus spiderman. but see, maybe i'm boiling things down too far? reducing to archetypes rather than pantheons? i don't know. maybe i should just figure out what kind of comic book world i want. like- one where the flash is a virtually omnipresent red blur in a hermes helmet like alex ross would have it. joker is a serial killer, & robin is the severly type a personality translator for the nearly autistically malevolent batman. where cosmic figures like the specter & dream never put on tights & fight crime. i guess its dc i think about mostly- when i think about marvel, i think pretty much about spiderman & the mutants.

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