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i am the trick my mother played on the world.

son of a, son of a. lets get all holiday song today, okay? i mean, i can't stop thinking about my fall from glory. we're all huddled together, a cluster of kings, delicious jenny & olive & kate & mordicai. we're a viking ship on cold northern seas, blown about from here to there. victoria's bar is having some kind of comedy night. why the fuck? at least i am reminded that the manager's name is tim. tim & me will grow to be great friend, what with him buying me drinks (at least, thats how i plan it). some guy there looks like some ex of ekat's. the total vibe of the room is fucking weird, & so lets blow the scene. take a cab two blocks over to kate's. drink wine, drink bourbon. la di da. i meet kate's husband, a virtual prince! i was pretty open minded about having some guy tossed into my mojo (because, right, it's olive's last night, so lets try to make everything perfect okay?) & was totally rewarded by that guy jeffrey being a star. see, the night before last i showed the lack-luster boys how to climb up on the ceiling & they demured, afraid. jeffrey though, he played the game. also, david showed up! he was sending me love-struck messages all night & eventually i got an invite for him to coolsville. he wowed everyone by brings the beer of the gods, i guess. man, no more olive? thats fucking bullshit. give me back my olive. i didn't say goodbye enough! fuck. jenny & i took a cab home, but unfortunately, i got no play. olive's been a fucking pillar, she's been the soldier that proves i'm not just standing still. i guess it's back to hiding in jenny's skirts.


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