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seriously, thailand, get with it. sure, big wave n' shit, but if you weren't living in fucking cardboard boxes & mud thatch huts or whatever, it wouldn't be such a big deal. being a developing nation is lame, man! seriously, where is your health care & support infrastructure? just get a couple dozen ambulences, right? i mean, its just a couple of islands, how many can you need? plus, if you didn't have the population density of a fucking rush-hour train, maybe you wouldn't have this problem. its called sexual abstinance, ever heard of it? i fucking don't get it. america rolls in & starts outsources jobs to you, & this is how you repay us? asking for a fucking hand-out? you're like the hobo of the pacific. shut your mouth & have an industrial fucking revolution or something. shit, we even got people like nike & fuck-all to give you guys corporate sponsorship! man fuck you thailand. you make some okay curries & lemongrass tastes good & all, but go back to making me a god-damn t-shirt & quit being such big babies about everything. its what 10,000th of one percent of the earth's population that died? how is that even news worthy! this is fucking bullshit. o & some white people where there too? fuck you. so some fucking swedish guy flew out there to fuck a 12 year old boy. i'm fucking crying my eyes out. the only got who has his shit together in this whole fucking mess is that fucker in the new york post photo wearing an osama bin laden t-shirt. that dude is a total fucking hero.

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