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my olive found some sleaze-bag hi-fidelity looking boy from williamsburg to sleep with & of course i'm frightfully jealous. some twit who lets his friend (from williamsburg) try to feel her up all-night! o unhappy m! didn't i explain well enough about the convent i expect her to join? down in the well, the hole drilled by the oil rig, the devils are clucking like chickens! i'm actually mostly annoyed that this punk made her out to be some whore, i guess. i mean, of course she cuddles with me over him, but its in my nature to cuckold other males. his friend though! as i was going across the bridge home on the n (the fucking n, which fucking runs but o no, not the r) i tried to call olive but she's gone to williamsburg to be his slattern! ha ha ha, well well. i wish she would call me so i could taunt her & be jealous for a few minutes & then forget it. its hard work maintaining this mood! at least jenny knew exactly what i was "feeling," without prompting. its great having a girlfriend; its like she can read your mind, without being a gross telepath. man i hate telepaths. oh, also, i did some bonding with kate & maybe we're going to be friends again? thats okay. we can hang out with her husband! it will be like oxygen on jupiter.

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