mordicai caeli (mordicai) wrote,
mordicai caeli

Phone Post: no, we sell them

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“So i've eaten some Subway, and i'm a little bit less cranky, but i haven't stopped hating everything, which i think is a good sign. Because I hate everything, see, very, very much. Oh, here's a weird thing: sometimes people come into my bookstore and say, "is this a library?" I -- I don't understand that. It doesn't say "Library" anywhere. It's not . . . a library. Yeah, sometimes people are, like, BAFFLED that it's a bookstore. Also, people want to *rent books from me*. Uh, I don't understand this, either? People come in, and they say, "do you guys rent books?" No! We don't! We sell them. Uh . . . [sigh]. Customer's here, so. Gotta.”

Transcribed by: littlewashu

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