mordicai caeli (mordicai) wrote,
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slide through all those yesterdays like a manta ray in some coral grotto, some captain nemo's graveyard lit up by lonely lamplight. the slim, pale mirage of a girl's neck hanging over things like the moon (or the moon hanging over things like a mirage of a slim girl's pale neck). i've got a stinger, amen. water-bat, me, i'll bury myself in these caverns of living stone, i'll drown my gills in silt & mud. but lo, the crew of the nautilus is a-risen from their graves, skeletal & seaweed clogged, & here is me to haunt them. i'll soar above them like a herald, singing the coda they're a-bringing. i'll wrap my tail a-round their necks & throttle till their skulls topple from the pedestal of their neck, stinger thrusting into the barren cavities of their chest, their rib-cage. i'll turn traitor on the dead & sail on, the sand disturbed with the ripple of my passing. swim on past their desecrated cemetary, o blasphemy!

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