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spent all yesterday wings tight in the chrysalis, dodging like a moth around the sickness-flame that is jenny. then she asked me nice, & thats what the evening was, too. we media-blitzed, watched the end of sports night (quippy shows rule), i, robot (neo-luddite sci-fi blows), the rundown (passable slapstick-action film well cast), & started arrested development (mister manager). just another lazy tuesday, filled with soup & other stove-top wonders. & nobody found the canister of radioactive isotopes i've got simmering underneath the sink. so all in all i guess i made out okay. it weren't no bank robbery or nothin', but then not every day can be a jewel heist. some days you make out with the crown jewels & some days you make out with a hot girl. except i couldn't make out with her because she's sick. but the principal is the same. the same LAWS OF SCIENCE apply. these laws, guarded by hideous creatures without the virtue of mercy, stand as the labyrinth at the center of the lie. hammers may fall against those walls, chisels may carve, let it be said. having said it, lets do it. every maze is just another convoluted key. lets take out out knives & carve up this sucker.

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