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also, having pretty girls around who are intrested in you does nice things for a fella. i mean, my lady-love jenny has been on the clock! we've been having the sexcapades here in brooklyn. or maybe its the new year that has broken the spell of a cruel winter. or global warming. its probably some complex interplay between these things, but suffice to say, i want more of it. having so many out of town guests has kept us apart some, what with her going off to do things with sarah & me going off to do things with olive or cortney. hey! except right now she's wandering around the apartment naked & won't make out with me! what gives! this whole theory is shit! fuck. well so much for science. looks likes its shamanic animism from here on out. if i had the sword of omens i could at least get it to grant me sight beyond sight. thats like, second base in cat-man terms. but shit, my girlfriend's spine is just about the sexiest segmented line of all time. she's topless & reclining on the couch & fuck! its science for me. but i mean it in a sufficiently advanced technology sort of way. like the engineering of her body, its arcs & pinions.

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