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these are the days of our lives, like sands in a fucking hour-glass. so let us set down these grains of sand like tibetan monks laying out mandalas. sunday was a day of frolic, of nymphs & fauns playing fields of heather. or maybe i'm...wait, strike that. of lightning in the sky & fierce horsemen loosed upon the earth. of mordicai & olive arm in arm assaulting that bastion of art & culture, the metropolitan museum of art. we wandered through there like moses in the desert; we saw temples & antique firearms, armor & a sculpture of lillith. i remembered that while not my favorite painting, i certainly like balthus' therese dreaming a whole lot. then i tried to explain to olive how scary the kerubim are. i guess eventually that met with some success. after we left the museum (under the scrutiny of the celestial court!) i walked olive to the alice in wonderland tea party statue(s). while we were there making time, cortney called me & said she was planning on leaving within the hour. i convinced her to wait until olive i & returned to brooklyn, & so suiting action to thought, we were off like a speeding bullet, a blue streak.

the trains back were totally retarded. the n didn't go express until it reached the bridge, & once we got off the bridge it stopped & waited 5 minutes for no good reason that i could tell. i was impatient, but olive & i were nestled into the chair just so, so it wasn't the worst of times. eventually we got back to my 'hood, bought a jug of wine, & came back to my apartment. the peerless jenny & the lovely sarah were spending the day working on their corporation, so we sort of interrupted them. then cortney was here, & i brought her up since she had to use the ladies powder room. there may have been glances, but all in all i think that situation wasn't as bad as it could have been. when i said that out loud though, cortney shoved me! so, we filled up a big water bottle with jug-wine, & we tromped off to prospect park me & olive & cortney & her boy. i suppose you could also say slunk off, because i think we were there after the park closed! we're just rebels that way i think. so we sat around a picnic table drinking the wine & smoking cigarettes. i believe matt (not that matt) knew a whole lot about bulgaria. that happened. then we all came back, piled cortney & matt into her car, i hugged her & sent her on her way. olive & i came home, drunk, & we were obnoxiously drunk, until jenny caught up to us. then we played hungry hungry hippos & climbed on the roof, & voila! what a fun time we had!

yesterday! a whole new world, as alladin would say. i worked, mostly me & david only, & read some flash comics. it turns out that two out of three flash comics suck really bad. anyhow, after work i started to hear the march of boots, of phalanxes of soldiers hungry for the blood of their enemies. which of course means that it was time for me & olive to lead them to terrible victory. also, as an ancilliary point, i was going to meet my former apprentice for the first time (o unfaithful ekat!). so i trundled into manhattan, arriving on a dark & stormy night like a salesman with the monkey's paw. olive caught me & almost snuck up on me completely! then i went to kate's apartment, spiderclimbed up on top of a part of it, drank some wine, met a tolerable boy from williamsburg, & watched some dave chapelle. also was kidnapped pretty regularly by olive to go find cigarettes & even had to buy them once! since the man thought that she was maybe 16 or 17 or 12! apparently i'm supposed to have more of an opinion about kate than "it was okay," according to both my darling jenny & my delightful olive (whom i've resolved to call "little lost soldier" as a term of endearment). so here it is: it was okay. i didn't talk to her much, but she was what i expected. if actions speak louder than words, maybe i should say that i'd hang out with her again? i suppose that might count for something.

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