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let me make a few points. first off, dan rydell was in love with sarah? like, shouldn't she be having his babies 1000 times by now? he was on sports night! anyhow, so that happened i found out. a few other things that happened? on another sports night related tangent, wade is pretty hot, right? so tonight there are other things that happened: the cold machine turned on, made a weird noise, then made everything cold. then when i was closing the window jenny said i had a saucey butt. she said that. then she said something fucking crazy about an interrupting potato. it was pretty important. i wrote it on a note card. just to give you a hint as to how important the card is? it also has "triage" written on it. its basically the code to everything! wait, okay, o, tonight. pizza & beer. wandering around, i discovered all the pizza joints were closed. olive told me to give up, to quit. i told her i'm not much for quitting. i think i mentioned something about over-weened pride, about vainglorious arrogance. then i bought a gourmet pizza for the principal of the thing.

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