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the ghostly rapping on the window is the future, impatient with the crippled, hobbled old now. its mighty pinions rattle the glass, its teeth gnash & talons scrawl. let me read to you that scrawl & tell you all the secrets bound to unfold in 2005. first- the science of black petticoats will be unraveled; girls will be so smoking hot your eyes will fucking burn out of your head. the bio-sky (tm) will be completed, & at long last the very stars will pulse with the hideous heartbeat of the antartica brain. the Thing Which Dwellest there. speaking of things which dwell, the Red King, the hideous creature which lurks behind mirrors, which steals the reflections of witches & vampires? whose very face is a crossbreeding of a boar & a lampray? the Red King will make himself known, & only the science of black petticoats will provide a skirt for all the hide within. oh the future is a beautiful place, piglets! the world an abattoir & the sun a dwarf, swarming with sunspots, blotted from the bio-sky (tm).

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