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so once we start drinking peter "kromelizard" foyle keeps calling sparrowhills "oliver." which is funny enough, but we were drinking on his buck, so i won't soak on it too long. christopher (i guess dantelong?) ends up taking a nap as soon as we get on the train. i suppose we did finish that bottle of vodka but there were also four of us! less of an acomplishment & more of de fe. right? you know what i'm talking about, the ladies in the garter belts. raise your hands up in the air, ladies & start shooting! so yeah, we played some card games & i'd like to think i aquitted myself quite nicely. earlier i pulled second place in scrabble, beating fordmadoxfraud by 20-odd points. so all in all not a bad day at work.

after work i kidnapped olive & brought her back to my apartment. have i mentioned that i am pretty excited about having olive around? i sure am. so i walked her back from the grand army plaza station, right? if anybody deserves the apellation "grand army" its us, be assured. we bought some wine & some cigarettes & came home to the fussy jenny "pravda" mygirlfriend. she was annoyed about the drugstore's mishandeling of our disney photos, & it took quite a while to lull her out of it. we three kings of orient climbed about the fire escape, except olive is afraid of heights so we went back & used the interior stairs to go up to the roof. we played up there for a little while, then came back down until i was too drunk to be awake. by then olive's cab was here, & she zoomed back into manhattan. & i went to sleep, to double sleep even. to the sleep of davey jones' locker.

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