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if every angel's terrible then why do you welcome them?

cd review: stay evil, etc, a compilation from oliva.

1. silver jews- send in the clouds
2. cocorosie- terrible angels
3. the mountain goats- jenny
4. smog- dress sexy at my funeral
5. scout niblett- big bad man
6. the decemberists- a cautionary song
7. dresden dolls- missed me
8. silver jews- smith & jones forever
9. dean martin- live & drunk
10. silver jews- time will break the world
11. the decemberists- the soldiering life
12. the devil makes three- the plank
13. neutral milk hotel- the king of carrot flowers pt. 1
14. the mountain goats- i think i'll just sit here & drink

first thing first; the knock-out song on the album is really "terrible angels." this isn't a 'nuff said issue here- terrible angels really deserves to be dwelt on. its lyrics are basically a lock-pick's fingers turning over my tumblers. apparently the singer is trained for opera? we'll i'd be her gentleman caller (least aways if i wasn't spoken for). "if every angel's terrible, then why do you welcome them," & talk of wearing purple eyes like rings? i need to get my shit together & download the entire corpus of that act. the rest of the album is very solidly a tale from a soldier to another, you dig? "why can't monsters get along with other monsters?" & shit like that. a whole song about time breaking the world! shit, i'm a lucky villian, slinking about the store- not a sunbeam, not a single customer, not any angel hair either mr. kobain. i've been here all day listening to this disc & looking at ICO screencaps. it is a particular sort of day. the only over-lap (the inevitable consequence of any mix) is the neutral milk hotel, so other than that? thats better than 90% accuracy!

it'd be swell if jenny was in a good mood when i got home.

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