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the morning after.

so the people in the apartment are all fighting each other like anything, screaming like monkeys & maybe pushing & tackling each other? swearing an awful lot. i wish i could brilliant out what the drama is down there, but it is probably too complicated & in fact to ridiculous for me to care about. it sure is funny, though jenny thinks its obnoxious. anyhow, maybe they are outside fighting now. today is going to be a day of jewish christmas from here out- maybe some gilmore girls, then to see the lemony snicket movie, then finally we'll get some chinese food. see what a compromiser she is? as much as i have to put in the effort to make christmas good, she makes it so as after the big money pay-off, i don't have to, i dunno, go carolling or to church or whatever the rest of the western world's saps get stuck doing. jesus is dumb, pagans are dumb, greed is only so-so, but i guess a charming girl can do a whole lot of redemption on these scene.

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