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mrs. kim: "did you say silent grace?" babette: (toasts) "ha ha! good one!"

why do you fill me up buttercup baby? if by "buttercup" & "fill me up" you mean i got laid last night & then again this morning. nice times in the me oh my lair. but, you know, in an evil way. devil devil! so after my morning sexual shenanigans, i met up with peter downstairs & we walked to grand army & took the train down to flatbush to open up the store. anyhow, i got some writing done on my dungeon & dragons stuff, or whatever, & then left pretty promptly at six (6:00). i talked to kingtycoon till i got home about how the hollowhaunt story is the addition of the goblin to the traveler pantheon. which soothes me. anyhow, jenny & i went to la taquria to try to eat tamales for x-mas eve (is it m-mas if i'm not by myself? answer: no) but instead we ate a few bites of giant burrito things. then we came home, i showered her naked body with the gifts from her stocking. i got a retard's wallet!

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